Becoming a blogger

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Step One: Become a Blogger.
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Lead by example. Before requiring students to blog, instructors should lead by example, creating their own blogs. Here are some ideas:
  • You can collect useful resources and articles from the Internet on your blog, classify them with the help of labels and use them whenever you need.
Example blogs:
Technology in the classroom
Internet Resources for ESL Teachers and Students

  • You can use a blog as your teacher's reflection journal.
Example blogs:
Reflections of a teacher and learner
Teacher Julian VM

  • You can start reading and following other educators' blogs.
Blog authors may post a list of blogs they frequently read; this list is known as a ‘blogroll’. Blogs may also be read through special readers, known as ‘RSS readers’, which aggregate blog summaries produced by blog software. Readers use RSS readers to ‘subscribe’ to a blog. Popular web-based RSS readers include Google Reader and Bloglines.

Here you can find a list of recommened educational blogs to follow.

  • You can start commenting on other educators' blogs.

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