On this page you can find a collection of books from Englishtips.org that are related to teaching English with technology. You can follow the link to Englishtips by clicking on the title or image of the book, or download it directly from this page.

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The Internet and Young Learners (Resource books for teachers, Oxford)

This book is for anyone teaching English to young learners interested in enhancing their courses through the use of the Internet. The book does not assume sophisticated knowledge of computers or programming. It is not a technical how-to manual. Anybody with a general knowledge of basic word processing and web navigation can use these activities in the classroom. For those teachers with strong computer skills, the activities can serve as a creative stimulus to build impressive e-projects and tasks.

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The Internet (Resource books for teachers, Oxford)

This book is intended for language teachers who have at least some experience of working with computers, either for their personal use or for language teaching. However, since our Activities assume differing amounts of computer expertise, whether your computing experience is great or small, you will find ideas in the book that you can use.

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Internet English. WWW-based communication activities.

Internet English is a WWW-based conversation course (American English) for young adults and adults. It helps students develop the skills to surf the World Wide Web for information that is relevant to them, while providing a structured framework to practise their conversation skills through communicative tasks that are challenging. This is the first Web-based converation course, and is adaptable for use in traditional or computer-equipped classrooms.
Internet English SB (download on narod.ru) *
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Teacher's Book

The Internet and ELT
A review of the impact of the Internet on English language teaching, commissioned by The British Council. The author assesses what is on the Web, how it can be used in practical teaching contexts, and which key trends are shaping the future of the ELT business.
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POSTERS from busyteacher.org
Great activities to teach tenses, Icebreakers, Back-to-school ideas, Holidays, Posters for the classroom and lots of other great posters from busyteacher.org collected and organized by topic on our wiki page.

Staffroom posters on Teaching English British Council
Download this series of seven TeachingEnglish posters for your staffroom - great for last minute ideas in lots of different areas!
Getting them talking Teaching reading
Teaching grammar Teaching vocabulary
Teaching listening Teaching writing
Teaching pronunciation
Visual Vocabulary collection
65 picture dictionary images from 'Learn English as easy as pie' collected on one Pinterest board - Pictionary. I'll keep adding new ones.

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