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Free Teacher Training Webinars by Jo Gakonga
September 2011 - Websites for Speaking and Listening
October 2011 - Websites for Reading and Writing
December 2011 - Encouraging your learners to speak
January 2012 - Continuing Professional Development on the Web
February 2012 - Using Authentic Materials
March 2012 - Using Twitter for Professional Development
April 2012 - Grammar Teaching 1 - Getting creative about controlled practice
May 2012 - An Introduction to the Phonemic Chart.
June 2012 - Exploiting your materials - ideas for working with texts
July 2012 - Making a website with your class (no technical expertise required!)
September 2012 - More ideas for making and using a website with your class
October 2012 - Using stories for language learning - some thoughts, tips and practical ideas for the classroom

Free Teacher Training Webinars from British Council Teaching English (check the full list of webinars)
July 2012 - Computer games and language aims
Theme: Many teachers are beginning to experience the benefits of using Computer games in the classroom. This talk aims to build on this and share insights, experience and knowledge of this ever expanding field. Drawing on my experience as an English Language Teacher I would like to talk about how easy it is to take authentic computer/ video games and adapt them for our pedagogical purposes. I hope to prove that you don't have to be a gamer to be using such games with your learners.
Watch a recording of the webinar: Please click on the link below to watch a recording of the webinar.g
About the speaker: Kyle has been teaching English for nearly 20 years. An award winning author in the field of computer games in TEFL, he is currently teaching English and providing ICT support for the Young Learner British Council centre in Barcelona.
January 2012 -
Using social networks and media to support our continuing professional development
Theme: Many teachers have found that social networks and media can provide valuable support for their continuing professional development. However, knowing where to start can be a problem. Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere aren't always easy places to move in and it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the multitude of posts that appear and disappear in rapid succession. How can we make sense of them and identify the people we can most learn from? How do we set ourselves goals and keep track of where we're going? In this webinar we'll consider practical ways of centring and organising ourselves to make the process a little less chaotic.
Watch a recording of the webinar: You can watch a recording of the webinar (around 70 mins) here:
About the speaker: Ann Foreman is a classroom teacher and teacher trainer based in Bilbao, Spain. Her interests include finding the best ways of using new technology in the classroom and coming to terms with the changing needs and aspirations of learners in today’s digital world. Ann manages the TeachingEnglish Facebook page and works on developing new teaching and learning applications such as What kind of teacher are you?
January 2013 -
Storytelling with the Digital Generation
Presenter: Shelly Terrell

EVO webinars (more webinars here)
January 2012 - Technology with teens. Developing materials and practices for the digital generation. (Presenter: Nik Peachey)
January 2012 - Little Tech for Big Results (Presenter: Barbara Sakamoto)