"Who dares to teach must never cease to learn." - John Cotton DanaWELCOME TO TEACHING ENGLISH WITH TECHNOLOGY UKRAINE!

This wiki is created for the teachers of English who are interested in incorporating technology effectively into their classes.

Here is a place to:
  • find and share useful online resources, lessons, activities and projects
  • learn and teach about web technologies such as blogs, wikis, social networks, podcasts, online posters and more
  • explore cool web tools that can be used with your students
  • share the results of your digital experiments
  • continue your professional development
  • connect and interact with other 'web head' teachers in Ukraine
  • learn new skills and practise them
  • reflect on your progress in learning technologies

05.01.14 - Electronic Village Online free courses launch on 13th January 2014. Registration is January 6-12, 2014. Have a look at the list of courses and consider attending 1 or 2 of them! EVO Call for Participation 2014.

22.11.13 - if you're teaching with English World 3,4 Macmillan textbooks, my new wiki might be useful to you.

31.01.13 - materials for Gangnam style lesson
19.01.2013 - some nice quotes and images for your lessons about Books and Reading.
08.12.12. - Electronic Village Online free courses launch on 14th January 2013. Registration is January 7-13, 2013. Have a look at the list of courses and consider attending 1 or 2 of them! EVO Call for Participation 2013.
07.12.12. - I collected some ideas for Christmas activities on Primary ELT Ukraine wiki. Have a look and share your ideas!
22.11.12 - A new library page opened on Primary ELT Ukraine wiki where you can find resource books for teaching young learners.
16.11.12 - Twelve reasons to be thankful you are a teacher on Inspiration page.

  • 18.10.12 - Library page updated, currently working on pages about using online videos for teaching and online video resource sites.
  • 13.10.12 - I've collected 65 picture dictionary images from 'Learn English as easy as pie' facebook page on pinterest board - Pictionary. I'll keep adding new ones.
  • A new wiki page takes a closer look at Symbaloo - a great tool for keeping your favourite links organized and for adding pre-made sets of useful ESL links that we are going to share with you on this wiki. Video tutorials in Russian! Anyone can learn it!
  • 08.10.12 - A new page on our Materials Bank panel called 'Our Library' where I have started adding up downloadable books from Englishtips.org that are related to teaching English with the Internet.
  • 01.10.12 - A new page about copyright, creative commons and using images, music and videos in your blogs and projects.
  • 29.09.12 - Just found a great site 'Bling for your blog' which plainly explains how to set up a class blog on Blogger.
  • 26.09.12 - Dear teachers,
    It would be great to get some
    feedback from you. Please consider the following questions or write whatever you wish in 'Your comments' discussion thread below.
    - Do you find this wiki useful?
    - What new content would you like to see on the wiki?
    - Would you like to share your own ideas, lesson plans, experience of using learning technologies for teaching etc ?
    - Would you like to become the wiki member and get your personal page on it?
    We would be happy if this wiki became a community and not just a resource site!
    Helen O.

  • 26.09.12 - New wiki page: Posters on Busyteacher.org. Quick links to the whole great collection of posters
  • Check our new wiki page about a great blogging platform for your students - Kidblog. (I'm already using it with some of my students and I love it!)
  • New page: Webinars
  • Discussion area on the homepage - check new messages and leave replies right on the spot!
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This WIKI site has been developed by those who participated in Learning Technologies Course by the British Council in autumn 2011.

Learning Technologies for the Classroom aims to help English language teachers integrate learning technologies (ICT) into their lessons.
By following this course, teachers will be able to:
  • Comprehend how learning technologies are being used in education and why

  • Develop an awareness of the learning technologies available today

  • Develop an ability to critically evaluate what is available on the Web

  • Develop a knowledge of practical applications of the technologies

  • Develop a technical understanding of the tools and the technical skills necessary to use them in class

  • Apply this knowledge to integrate learning technologies into syllabi and lessons

  • Use learning technologies in a safe, engaging, effective, efficient and transformative manner

  • Recognise the potential of new Web tools as learning technologies.