An example lesson plan (part 1) - Film review

Remember this lesson would be done with a whole class so you will have to make believe that these steps are occurring in the classroom.
The notes in italics are intended for you as a teacher.

When you have finished go to part 2 of this lesson plan.

Film reviews

Step 1
What films have you seen recently?
What films are in your local cinema?

Step 2
What do you know about Harry Potter? [If you don't know who he is, this link to Wikipedia may help - most teenagers around the world will know him, or you could choose a film that will be well known in your situation].
Have you seen any of the films?
Wizard's hat and wand
Wizard's hat and wand

Step 3
Can you write a short plot summary of one of the Harry Potter films in no more than 200 words?

Step 4
Go to this review from Children's BBC and answer the questions below:

  1. Who directed the film?
  2. When was it released?
  3. What negatives does the reviewer mention?
  4. What is the Newsround rating?
  5. What sub-headings are used?
  6. **Click here to say what you thought of it!**

  • Are the readers’ reviews generally positive or negative?

Step 5
Write your own review of a film you've seen recently using the same sub-headings.