An example lesson plan
In the last part we asked you to consider some questions. Here are our answers. Don't forget there is no one correct answer so if yours are different, don't worry.

If you have anything to say about this lesson plan, leave your comments in the Comments on Film review lesson plan thread in the lesson plan forum.

  1. How would this lesson fit into a syllabus? Any lesson about writing reviews or discussing opinions.

  2. What level of English would a student need to use this? Pre-intermediate +. The BBC website is written for children who speak English as a first language but the language is not particularly complex.

  3. What pre- and post-task activities could be used? This is probably the most important thing to consider when integrating the Web. There are some good suggestions in the lesson plan for pre-task activities: talking about what films the students have seen recently. Post-task activities could include process writing where students swap computers and check another student’s review for language and content and give feedback to the original student.

  4. What computer skills would the students need? Typing and browsing.

  5. What language skills is this lesson practising? Scanning for specific information. Writing in a particular style.

  6. What anticipated problems can you think of when using this idea? Students may not have seen the example film. The film used as an example will date quickly. Links may stop working.