Here's how you can update to educator's account:

After you have created an ordinary free account, go to
(or find 'Animoto for... Education' at the bottom of the main page)and choose 'Apply now'.
You will be asked to provide your school e-mail, information on what subject you teach and in what grades and your class blog address. After I had sent this
application it was immediately approved and now I see that I can create a 3:09 video. As far as I understand, this Animoto Plus subscription expires 6 months later.
I also got a 'promotional code' which I can distribute to my students so that they can receive a 6-months subscription to Animoto Plus as well. This promotion is available for 50 people!
!! You should activate your students' accounts within 30 days after you got the promotional code. Otherwise, you'll have to resubmit your application.

How do I set up accounts for my students?

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Megan Etzelposted this on January 26, 2010 03:10 pm
To set up your students' accounts...
1.) You can set up your students' dummy accounts by registering one e-mail address at The "dummy" account trick doesn't work with most other e-mail domains. Please note that you only need to set up one email address with Gmail.
2.) Once you have that original e-mail address registered at, you can then register your students at Animoto by entering the e-mail addresses in the registration form. Make sure to enter the code where it says "promo code". Here's a link to the registration form:
For example, if you registered at Gmail, you'd register the following e-mail addresses at Animoto:
A few notes about dummy email addresses:
- The plus sign in the email address is necessary. will redirect to, but will not redirect to
- Do not actually register - that's just an example. Create your own unique email address on Gmail, such as, or
- All activity at our website under these accounts will be sent to your original, derivative e-mail ( This way, you'll be able to give each student a unique Animoto account, while also being able to monitor their account's activity.
- Your students may use their own email addresses if that is easier. However, we do not currently have a way for you to monitor your students' activity if the students use their own email addresses. Also, we are unable to provide support for those teachers who choose not use the dummy account system.
- If your students are under 13, register the accounts with your information. This way, you'll be responsible for the conduct of the account user.