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Lilo and Stitch

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Lilo - a little girl living in Hawaii. She is an orphan and lives with her older sister Nani. Lilo loves all animals, but most of all she made friends with a dog named Stitch, which is really not a dog, and - disguised as an alien. It was like this: some criminal named Stitch, has been transported in some galaxy prison, but he managed to escape and land on Earth, where he met Lilo. And then pretended to be a dog, in order to escape prosecution of galaxy police. Now Stitch learns what has not been trained - caring for others. The most adult full-length animated Disney. With hints of social programs! That's unusual even for Hollywood in general, not to mention the animated hits. From this perspective, the project was definitely risky - and are very pleased that paid off. Experiments were also touched upon the authors of the plot. The familiar scenario of strange characters, which eventually stopped shy of its strangeness, is a radically revised

Episode 1 (episode in English,with embeded Russian subtitles)

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Episode 1 on Youtube (no subtitles)