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Setting up a class blog

Step Two: Set up your 'class' blog

(Note: you could also consider setting up your class wiki on this stage. As a class web page, wiki has a number of advantages over a blog)
  • external image whyblog1-zooagy.jpg- Post class information such as homework reminders, project tasks, assignment deadlines, dates of the tests, etc. In other words, use your blog as a class digital noticeboard.This fosters in the teacher a familiarity with the technology and with students a habit of regularly checking the online resource.
- Interact with your students via blog, learn their opinions, get their feedback. Conduct regular opinion polls.
Example 1
  • - Post videos, additional exercises and commentaries on class topics.
  • Example 1 Example 2
  • - Post interesting and funny articles / images for extra reading and motivation.
Example 1Example 2
  • post aphorisms, inspirational quotes, images Example 1

  • Post your students' project works.
Example 1 Example 2

  • Teach students to comment on blog posts.
Students should begin their entry into blogging by reading other blogs. Teachers should use this practice not only to demonstrate how other people use blogs to support learning but also to foster critical thinking and reading skills. Teaching how to respond to blog posts is as important as creating blog posts.