Copyright and Creative commons, finding images and including attribution
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Effective use of images grab your readers' attention and encourage them to read your posts.

But if you didn’t take the photo, then someone else did. Some photographers get paid money for taking images to use in newspapers, so often online newspapers copyright their images. This means you would have to pay money or have the photographer’s permission to use that photo on your blog.

Your blog is in the public domain and is available for anyone to see. You are not allowed to put copyright images on your blog without the permission of the owner. This means you need to find images that are creative commons instead.

Teachers: A fantastic guide to copyright, fair use and creative commons has been written by Ronnie Burt and I would suggest you read this to understand more about using images, music and video on your blogs. Larry Ferlazzo also has a great “Best List for images” that you might want to check out as well.
Below is a list of websites that have creative commons images. Remember attribution doesn’t include a URL beginning with or some other search engine.
Attribution is the URL of the original image.

A post by Sue Waters
Before including any images in your posts, please read this very carefully. It is a very long post, but worth reading especially for students with their own blogs and for teachers to use when teaching about images in blogs and creative commons.

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