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Liudmyla Klymenko (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Hi, I am Liudmyla Klymenko. I work as an ESP instructor for ‘KROK’ University of Economics and Law and I love this job dearly. I’ve been in ELT teacher professional development with the British Council for longer than a decade now, and this is what I enjoy doing even more. The great thing about my occupation is that it never lets you stop learning, and I appreciate each and every opportunity to do so. The websites I visit most frequently are http://www.livestrong.com, http://www.teachingenglish.org.uk and www.golosved.com as their contents provide a sound basis for development.

Nataly Katsaran (Mariupol, Ukraine)
Hi, everyone! I'm Nat. I'm from Mariupol, Donetsk region. I'm married and have two sons. They motivate me to do my best in work as I'm teaching them English. I've been at thje same school for 13 years, half spent in maternity leave. Besides I do much extra paper work I don't like at all!!! My hobbies are painting, photography, computers and web surfing. I'm a bit webhead!
E-mail: nattamel@yandex.ru
Facebook: Nat Katsaran
Blog: http://englishnon-stop.blogspot.com/
Site: (under construction) English Nonstop
Helen Onyshchenko (Brovary, Ukraine)
Hello everyone! I'm Helen :) I've worked as a teacher of English at two specialized secondary schools - #277 in Kyiv and #5 in Brovary, my teaching experience is 8 years. Right now I'm 'between jobs', using this break for learning, self-development and helping my daughter with her school tasks.
I love teaching, learning, being in the nature, swimming, playing tennis, reading science fiction and philosophic novels, listening to music and surfing the net. My interest in the Internet and technologies and the wish to use ICT with my students has brought me to the British Council Learning Technologies online course which has taught me so many new skills, given a great amount of necessary information and helped me get to know all the wonderful ladies and great teachers from the course :)) Hope we'll continue our fruitful cooperation on this Wiki, won't lose but multiply the knowledge we gained on the course and help this community grow by inviting, welcoming and engaging new teachers who share the same interest in Learning Technologies!
Twitter: @UAHelen
E-mail: kvitka_ua@hotmail.com
Facebook: Lena Onyshchenko
Blogs: Internet Recources for ESL Teachers and Students , Learn English Online

Myroslava Loboiko (Stryi, Ukraine)
Hi! I am Myroslava Loboiko from a picturesque town of Stryi in the west of Ukraine. I've been working at the local gymnasia as a teacher of English and Business English for about 15 years. I am greatly interested in everything connected with technologies.
E-mail: myroslava_loboiko@yahoo.com
Facebook: Myroslava Loboiko
Wiki: online-english
Classblog: Colouring Your Life In

Liudmila Ariutova (Zhytomir, Ukraine)
e-mail: amilaa@ukr.net
Twitter: LAriutova
Blog: http://liudmila-sharing.blogspot.com
Hi all,
it's great to know all of you . I work at advanced in learning foreign languages school in Zhytomir.Like all of you I have a stong desire to improve my computer skills. I have been working with Ss in different programs doing projects. So I hope to learn more.

Raisa Istomina (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
Hi, I'm Raisa, a teacher-trainer at Pedagogical university. I've been teaching for 26 years. I teach the 4-th and 5-th-year students, and their major discipline is English. Really it's my first experience in developing IT skills. I've been involved in great number of BC projects and activities but such course is new for me. I have a strong desire to use interesting and updated materials from the sites and online courses, to discuss problems with the peers all over the world, to find solutions and of course to share experience.

Angela Nikishina (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
My name is Angela Nikishina.I live in Kharkov.I teach English at the University of Economics.I started teaching in 1996.The age of students doesn't matter for me as I enjoy teaching in different age groups.In November 2009 I came back to Kharkov after working for 5,5 years in children's program on Carnival cruise ships (USA).It was not exactly teaching,just using some educational material.There is no British Council in Kharkov anymore and I miss so much the seminars.After coming back I realized how much I need upgrading my knowledge of the available teaching resources.Among the sites I use can be mentioned http://infoenglish,http://englishtips.org .Also my students really enjoy singing songs in English on youtube:it's fun,educational and sets nice atmosphere.I find this course so much useful and look forward to getting acquainted with you all.